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The Benefits and Challenges of Using NEC Article 392 Pdf for Cable Tray Projects

(B) In Industrial Establishments. Wiring methods of 392.3(A) can be used in accordance with their respective article's requirements. Where only qualified maintenance personnel are available, certain cables are permitted in ladder, ventilated trough, and ventilated channel-type cable trays. Single-conductor cable must be 1/0 AWG or larger and be permitted to be used in cable tray. If the cable is sized 1/0 AWG through 4/0 AWG, it must be installed in ladder-type cable tray with a maximum rung spacing of 9 in. or in ventilated trough cable tray. Welding cable can be installed in accordance with Article 630, Part IV. Equipment grounding single conductors can be insulated, covered, or bare 4 AWG or larger. Multiconductor cable type MV can also be installed as noted above.

Nec Article 392 Pdf Download

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