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Hex Rays Arm Decompiler Cracked \/\/TOP\\\\

Now, following are my questions: 1- How to make sure that .Net application will not get cracked ? 2- The hacker now knows my code since he has done the modification. What steps should i take ?3- I read on the internet about - obfuscators . But the hacker knows my code what should i do ?4- Any other pro tips that i can use to avoid getting the software cracked ?5- I am not sure but can these reflector softwares also decompile the App.Config with sensitive data ?

Hex Rays Arm Decompiler Cracked


If a computer can run your code + The hacker can run his own code at a higher privilege level than you, there is nothing that can 100% prevent your app from being cracked. Even if they just have access to the executable but not the target platform they still can step through and mimic what the target platform would do and figure out how the protection is being done.

The only copy protection I have seen to remotely delay for any period of time is what Ubisoft did with Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. They encrypted ther levels with the game disk and it had to download the decryption key from the internet as it was needed (This is the keeping the binary out of their hands approach). But that did not work forever, eventually the hackers did get those levels decrypted and it was fully cracked. This approach is just what I saw take the longest time to get around without legal involvement (See point 2 at the bottom)

The seccond option is whoever you sell your software too have them sign a legal contract not to distribute the software (not a EULA, a actual contract that must be physically signed by the client). In that contract have large fines be applied to the person who leaks the software, then riddle your program with fingerprints that are unique to the person who buys the software so that when the program is leaked you can see who did it. (This is the method the vendor Hex-Rays use for their disassembler IDA. A quick google search could not turn up any cracked versions newer than 6.1, they are on 6.3). This method will not stop piracy, but it may discourage the copy to be leaked in the first place. This also lets you recover some lost costs associated with the program being leaked in the first place. One issue is that you will need to put a lot of fingerprints and they will need to be subtle, if a attacker can get two copies of the program and can compare the files between the two he will be able to tell what is the identifying information and just put whatever they want in so they can't tell who they got it from. The only way to do this is put a lot of red-herrings in that can't just be stripped out or randomized, also make the identifying code non-critical to running the software, if they don't have to work to crack it they are more likely to leave it in.

The best answer is one you will have to accept. You can't. Just focus on giving your users a great user experience, and make licensing very easy. The possibility that your application can be cracked does not mean that choosing to build a desktop application was a bad idea. Pirates will be pirates and honest customers will be honest customers.

I've been searching this site and more, but I haven't had much luck. I want to decompile an app to see how part of it works, and I've tried multiple programs. I've tried Hopper, IDA, and some other program that ended up not doing anything at all. Hopper and IDA both produce assembly code (I believe that's what it is, I'm not too familiar with reverse engineering and things like that) which gives me function names and produces un-readable code. I have IDA Pro with Hex-Rays included (Hex-Rays is supposedly a decompiler) but the Hex-Rays tab in IDA Pro is producing even more unreadable junk.

Once the application is decrypted on the device you can pull it back via the SSH server by using for example SCP or SFTP. Then you can start decompiling it using something like Hex-Rays ARM decompiler preferably or Hopper.

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