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Is your daughter still able to play starstable under Linux? If yes, did you had to adjust something in the settings to make it work again? Unfortunetely my both daughters have problems with their older computers to play star stable after the update from october 5. Star Stable replaced direct X into OpenGL 3.0. My both daughters have a laptop with both OpenGL 2.1 support. I upgraded that laptops to windows 10 about 6 months ago and they could play Star Stable nicely. Now one computer is not able to play at all and the other one is lagging terribly. Do you think that there is a change to make it work if I install linux on their computers? I am not looking forward to spend a lot of money to buy other computers for them ?

star stable 4 no-cd crack for sims 3


After my post today here I was just thinking about that laptop at once and I wanted to give it a try after months ago that installed Star Stable on that computer. Without any hope actually, but it is AMAZING! It works like a charm, the horse is running like crazy and very good graphics! It is even working better than it ever worked on the computers of my daughters under windows. As soon I have time I am going to install Linux mint on the computers of my daughters as well and I hope on the same good result.There is a lot going on the last weeks on Star Stable, so many children are sad and disappointed. So many parents are sad because of their children are sad. On the dutch facebook of Star Stable I read sad stories about children who finally got a life time account after saving their pocket money and now cannot play star stable anymore on their laptops. This might be a solution for a lot of people now. Just instal linux mint on the computer of your child and they might have a better game experience as ever before. On this computer I didnt had any lag and no network error at all anymore, it is a miracle! Many thanks on behalve of my daughters and hopefully it with will work for all the other children too who cant play Star Stable anymore. I just dont know how to spread this message to everybody in other facebook languages but I wish I could tell everybody. I like to see other children happy with this solution too. Erik, you did a very good job. Thanks again! 350c69d7ab

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