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Poet Tea

Poet Tea

Poet Tea


Looking at the “properteas” of tea. I was originally asked to create this blend by my Angelic guides. I was given the recipe and told the adequate amounts for both effect and taste. It is definitely geared to activate the higher self mindset, precipitate deep senses of meditation and relaxation, and embody all with an aromatic blend of love, protection and activation.


The first ingredients I was asked to involve were Rose petals for universal love and understanding, Lavender for higher self and 3rd eye activation, and Chamomile for a compassionate, meditative state of Zen like peace. Lemon balm was then given as an aromatic taste equivalent to balance out the overall enrichment of the body of the tea. Then I heard, “You are missing the grounding force of the meditation.” The word Skullcap came like a shout into my mind and I looked up the metaphysical properteas of this lovely herb. It was indeed a natural fit to complete the blend.


So here it is. Directly from the angelic forces within us all. It is my absolute joy, pleasure and love to hand you Poet Tea for our Poetry. Please enjoy your deeper states of meditation with beauty, grace and as always, a direct sense of Universal Love.



  • 10 oz resealable bag

    This is the first creation of multiple sizes which will be coming to availablity, It is perfect for 6-7 cups with the individual infuser. 

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