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Smudge Cleansing and Blessing kit

Smudge Cleansing and Blessing kit

SKU: 364215375135191

Sage and smudge, the process of ritual smoke and ash has been used for centuries across most cultures worldwide. The simple reason for that cross cultural reference is because it lifts our prayers, blessings and clears old energies out of divine and sacred spaces. If you want to clear and cleanse, release old energy, create a beautiful feeling in your home, work environment, or any other outside or inside space, the process of smudging and blessing is for you.


    This kit contains

    • Abalone Shell 

    • One Sage Wand

    • Feather Brush

    • Matchsticks 

    • one Celenite wand

    • Instuctions and description

    • and a token of appreciation just for you

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